SIIA was founded by a diverse group of people who came together to solve a problem.  We saw a gap in the market for skincare-focused, high quality prestige cosmetics made accessible to everyone.  Just like there are "food deserts" throughout America and the world, there are "beauty deserts" - places where accessing high quality, prestige beauty products is difficult or uncomfortable.  Our mission is to ensure we are bring the best products to the greatest number of people possible because - EVERYONE DESERVES BEAUTY.

Along with our brand mission, we also believe in the beauty of giving, and SIIA is committed to supporting our heroes in the real world – women. Not only do we support women by providing the highest quality cosmetics to the widest number of people possible, but we continue that mission in partnership with organizations focused on both empowering women, and supporting the health of women and children.

At launch, we're supporting a cause close to our hearts by donating to the Rare Trait Hope Fund, an organization devoted to curing a rare genetic disorder called Aspartylglucosminuria (AGU). A child of one of the members of the SIIA family, George, was recently diagnosed with this disease, and the good news is that a cure is remarkably close- it just needs further funding to manufacture the treatment and perform final clinical trials.

We believe the best way to support women is to support what they care about, and we can't imagine anything more important to a mother than giving her child a chance to live a full, healthy life. SIIA dedicates a portion of proceeds every month to the Rare Trait Hope Fund, and will continue to do so until the cure is manufactured.

If you have other ways you'd like to help, please contact us at